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Oct 8, 2017

Mindhunter Production Notes

Netflix has released new Mindhunter production notes featuring comments from Anna Torv.

Ford and Tench have sometimes contradictory views and the audience’s empathy will switch between them, says Groff: “They’ll think ‘I understand where Holden is coming from’ in this moment. Tench is more world-weary, but there are moments when his perspective is more relatable. Then you have Anna Torv’s character, who’s an incredibly intelligent psychologist. You understand her perspective.”

Torv is best known to television audiences playing an FBI agent herself, in the paranormal investigation series Fringe. But here the Australian has a more academic interest. “She’s fascinated with what they’ve come up with,” says Torv, of her character, Dr. Wendy Carr, a professor of behavioral psychology intrigued by the possibilities of this improvised study of psychopaths. “Because she thinks it can help not only people in law enforcement, but it’s her area of interest as well. There really isn’t a way to find people like this, let alone sit down and interview them. So she’s incredibly excited.”

[Tobias] Lindholm shot episodes five and six, staying in Pittsburgh for three months. He worked closely with all three main characters, and of Anna Torv said, “I was lucky enough to work a great deal with Anna, since her character really steps into and tries to make her way in this masculine world in these episodes.”

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Credit: The Fincher Analyst