Blu-ray Disc Extras

Behind the Real Science of Fringe1
Deciphering the Scene 1X011
Deciphering the Scene 1X021
Deciphering the Scene 1X031
Deciphering the Scene 1X041
Deciphering the Scene 1X051
Deciphering the Scene 1X061
Deciphering the Scene 1X071
Deciphering the Scene 1X081
Deciphering the Scene 1X091
Deciphering the Scene 1X101
Deciphering the Scene 1X111
Deciphering the Scene 1X121
Deciphering the Scene 1X131
Deciphering the Scene 1X141
Deciphering the Scene 1X151
Deciphering the Scene 1X161
Deciphering the Scene 1X171
Deciphering the Scene 1X181
Deciphering the Scene 1X191
Deciphering the Scene 1X201
Dissected Files - 103 - Sc 811
Dissected Files - 104 - Sc 361
Dissected Files - 105 - Sc 391
Dissected Files - 108 - Sc 9 and Sc 391
Dissected Files - 114 - Sc 4of51
Evolution - The Genesis of Fringe1
Gene the Cow1
Pattern Analysis1
Roberto Orci's Production Diary1
The Casting of Fringe1
The Massive Undertaking 1X011
The Massive Undertaking 1X031
The Massive Undertaking 1X131
The Massive Undertaking 1X201
Unusual Side Effects1
Fringe Visual Effects1
Analyzing the Scene - 201 - A New Day in the Old Town2
Analyzing the Scene - 204 - Momentum Deferred2
Analyzing the Scene - 207 - Of Human Action2
Analyzing the Scene - 213 - What Lies Below2
Analyzing the Scene - 220 - Brown Betty2
Analyzing the Scene - 223 - Over There Part 22
Beyond the Pattern - The Mythology of Fringe2
Dissected Files - 202 - Sc 25 and 472
Dissected Files - 210 - Sc 692
Dissected Files - 217 - Sc 302
Dissected Files - 221 - Sc 46-472
Dissected Files - 2232
In the Lab with John Noble and Prop Master Rob Smith2
Unusual Side Effects2
Animating The Lysergic Acid Biethylamide episode3
Constructing an Extra-Sensory Soundscape3
Duality of Worlds - A Machine of Destiny3
Duality of Worlds - The Other You3
Duality of Worlds - The Psychology of Duality3
Duality of Worlds - Visualizing an Alternate World3
Gag Reel3
Maximum Episode Mode: Glimmer to the Other Side3
Network Promos - Entrada3
Network Promos - The Day We Died3
Network Promos - The Journey Home3
Peter's Eulogy Speech3
Secrets of Fringe: The First People3
Behind the Story - A World Without Peter4
Behind the Story - Beyond the Comic Book4
Behind the Story - Beyond the Fringe - Peter and the Machine4
Behind the Story - Have You Seen Walter Lately?4
Behind the Story - The Culture of Fringe4
Behind the Story - The Observers4
A Short Story About Love - Scene 03 - Loss4
A Short Story About Love - Scene 26 - Fading Memories4
Gag Reel4
A Farewell to Fringe5
An Enemy of Fate Digital Script5
Behind the Story - Dissected Files - Observer in the Closet5
Behind the Story - Dissected Files - Walter's Brain5
Fringe Season 5 2012 Comic-Con Panel5
Gag Reel5