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Oct 10, 2017

Chilling hunt all in the mind

Anna Torv talks Mindhunter and working with David Fincher in the October 10th issue of The West Australian!

Australian actress Anna Torv was so thrilled to be considered for a part in the series that she began to immerse herself in Douglas’ world even before her audition.

“I’d actually read the book before I went into the audition,” the 38-year-old Melbourne native recalls by phone from Los Angeles. “Then when I got the part I really got into it, I think there was a week where I really dug deep … then I just went, you know what, I just don’t want to read about this stuff anymore, so I took a step back.”

Torv portrays psychologist and university professor Wendy, a character loosely based on psychiatric nurse Dr Anne Wolbert Burgess who is seldom mentioned in Douglas’ book.

“My research and reading wasn’t so much character based, I looked at a lot of academic literature of what psychopathy is, how it presents. I think I kind of just took that term kind of like how Wendy does, like is there a way we can identify this, is there a way we can prevent this and help them get out of these situations …is it nature or nurture, all that kind of stuff,” Torv explains.

“(During filming) I had to go back and look at my notes too because we’re in 1979 and you forget how huge the leaps have been since then.”

On working with award-winning director/executive producer Fincher (Gone Girl, House of Cards) on Mindhunter, which also counts Charlize Theron among the executive producing team, Torv says it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“He’s fantastic as a director, I found him incredibly generous and also assured, which is a great thing when you’… taking direction,” she says.

“He is a perfectionist, you can see that in his work. You look at a frame and its always just so perfectly beautiful. Like it’s marred, but on purpose, he just sees everything and then doesn’t stop.”

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Credit: The West Australian