Year Title Character
2017 Mindhunter Dr. Wendy Carr
2017 Stephanie Jane Spence
2016 Secret City Harriet Dunkley
2015 The Daughter Anna
2015 Deadline Gallipoli Gwendoline Churchill
2014 Love is Now Virginia Grey
2014 Heavenly Sword (The Film) Nariko
2013 Open Windsor
2011 Can I Give You a Ticket? Officer Alia
2010 The Pacific Virginia Grey
2008 Fringe Olivia Dunham, William Bell, Alternate Olivia Dunham
2008 Mistresses Alex
2007 Heavenly Sword Nariko
2007 Frankenstein Nurse
2006 The Book of Revelation Bridget/Gertrude
2004 McLeod’s Daughters Jasmine McLeod
2004 The Secret Life of Us Nikki Martel
2003 Travelling Light Debra Fowler
2002 Young Lions Irena Nedov
2002  White Collar Blue Neighbor

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