The Mindhunter cast is featured in the new October issue of Empire magazine ~

The “third leg of the tripod”, in Fincher’s words, is Anna Torv as Dr. Wendy Carr, a psychologist who sees a huge opportunity in what Tench and Ford are doing: the chance to really understand what creates killers. “She really wants to put a fire under them to make it a legit study,” says Torv, who you may recognize as an FBI agent herself, albeit investigating the paranormal in Fringe. For MINDHUNTER Torv read extensively and “kind of went down the rabbit hole — everything’s so accessible on the internet“, to the point where she had to consciously pull back, because the horrific nature of the crimes left her feeling “vulnerable”. Still, she had to try to see the material through the eyes of her character, who has an enormous amount of empathy. “Because you look back at the history,” says Torv, “and not one of [the killers] had a really beautiful childhood and then decided they were gonna go out and bludgeon someone to death.” 

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Credit: Empire Magazine

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