Audiobook Editions

We’ve added two more Scholastic audiobooks, narrated by Anna Torv in 2005, to our galleries; including “Spike” by Phil Cummings and “Maddy in The Middle ” by Ian Bone! Special thanks to Scott and thereis_1!

SpikeMaddy In The Middle









You can listen to the full set HERE

The Secret Life of Anna Torv

Jenny Cooney Carrillo of The Daily Life sits down with Anna for an exclusive interview –

In any upscale restaurant around Los Angeles, you can’t throw a stone without hitting a celebrity, even if most of them are hidden in the back corner. But not only does Australian actor Anna Torv choose a sunlit front patio table at popular hotspot Goldie’s for our interview, her accent prompts a gushing reaction from our over-the-top waiter. “We have an Australian actress who comes in here all the time, but I can’t remember her name!” he brags.

Torv has agreed to meet me for lunch at the hip restaurant owned by the trio of Aussies who are also behind the West Hollywood favourite Eveleigh, and she’s excited to talk about her starring role in the new Foxtel series, Secret City. But she’s far too modest to play the “Don’t you know who I am?” game and just smiles with polite curiosity as the waiter hurries off to figure out whose name he should be dropping.

With the kind of ethereal beauty and talent that have earned her comparisons with fellow NIDA graduate Cate Blanchett, Torv is so far best known for her long-running role as FBI agent Olivia Dunham on the Fox sci-fi drama Fringe, which ended in 2013. Yet as we sit at a street-facing table that flanks a verdant living wall of plants, Torv insists fame was never a priority.

“Sometimes I still get recognised,” she says with a tinge of embarrassment. “It used to happen the day after the show had aired and somebody would be really excited to see me, but now it’s maybe just the occasional double-take.”

Surrounded by a pretentious LA crowd clutching designer handbags, the down-to-earth Torv stands out in a well-worn denim shirt and jeans and no jewellery. Her hair is pulled back off her face in a ponytail to reveal green eyes and pale, luminous skin without make-up. She confides that doing publicity has never been easy for her.

“I’m terrible at it,” she says, as we talk about the new generation of social-media-savvy, camera-ready actors with a shameless approach to self-promotion. “I just wish I was better at it, honestly, because sometimes I think I miss out on things that would be fun because I’m so uncomfortable.”


[You can read the full interview HERE]


Secret City Stills

We’ve updated our galleries with 15 new exclusive stills of Anna Torv in Episodes One and Two of Foxtel’s miniseries Secret City, premiering in June!


An evening with director Jim Lounsbury and Love is Now

10425082_10152723816226839_517218574579595915_nSubject13Fringe — ATV’s admin, had the pleasure of interviewing “Love Is Now” director Jim Lounsbury on April 19th at the Arizona International Film Festival. You can read about her experience below.



Last night was interesting to say the least.

A friend and I had shown up about 30 minutes early to the 6pm show of Arizona International Film Fest, not sure what to expect and hoping to secure good seats to one of only two screenings of Love is Now in the United States. We had our tickets in hand and as we were perusing the walls of the “historic” and aptly named ‘The Screening Room’, the doors happen to open and none other than Jim Lounsbury himself comes strolling out. Immediately I smile (resisting the urge to completely geek out on a nuclear level) and after introductions and a few “I think I remember you from Twitter” mentions, and a “You’ve already seen the film?” and my shy reply of “Yes but don’t ask me how.”, he laughs and we take a few pics before he has to hurry off to finish preparing for the screening, leaving me in shock and a total state of excitement I didn’t think I could possibly achieve.

The film itself? Still as fantastic as the first three times I had seen it, only now in glorious HD and seeing Anna Torv up there where she belongs on the big screen fills you with a certain sense of pride.

After the film, the emotional journey that comes with it and a long series of well deserved applause, the Q&A commences in which Jim Lounsbury and Sam Eather are fielding questions left and right with nothing but totally honesty. Anna was briefly mentioned during one general question from the audience.

Casting choices

“When I was writing the script I needed a leading man that wasn’t your traditional leading man … Eamon just kept coming to mind … He was the first person I sent the script to … His agent, Trish, who was also really supportive in the film, she became a huge advocate. Trish liked the script and she also rep’ed Claire and Anna Torv so she kept pushing them towards us.” —JL

Finally it was my turn to get a few answers of my own…


On naming Anna Torv’s character Virginia Grey and the possible nod to AT’s role in The Pacific:

“[laughs] You know what? Maybe that’s my subconscious, because I’ve seen her in The Pacific … I don’t know. That wasn’t an easter egg … A really good actress friend of mine is Vanessa Grey and she helped us out with a lot of stuff and I think at the time we were doing that, I put down the name Grey, thinking of her.” -JL


On DVD release in the US and the deleted bathroom scene that had been capped during post-production, seen HERE

“I don’t know, is the answer, we will be releasing in the States, but as to what the special features will be on the US DVD, I don’t know yet … We actually did want to put some deleted scenes in, but because of the time turnaround for this and with what Universal was saying… I don’t know.” —JL

“…But I mean, most of the deleted scenes are actually Anna Torv scenes. There was a whole story there. But yeah, there just wasn’t time.” —SE


Ouch right? But who knows what the future has in store and maybe some day we can see those deleted scenes. (Hint, hint. Right, Jim?) In the mean time, if you’ve still yet to see Love is Now, treat yourself. You deserve it. The movie deserves it. Anna Torv deserves it.

Perhaps the best I can say is, the film is still amazing and made even better getting to meet these guys who were two of the most down to earth people I have ever met. And I sincerely appreciate their outward acceptance of this devoted little Torvette and their dedication to such a good film. Thanks for an evening I won’t soon forget, you guys.


— Kaela.

You can listen to my full little Q&A session with the guys below or download the audio HERE


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