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Secret City Stills

We’ve updated our galleries with 15 new exclusive stills of Anna Torv in Episodes One and Two of Foxtel’s miniseries Secret City, premiering in June!


Foxtel Insider Interview

Foxtel Insider caught up with Anna Torv, Marcus Graham, and Benedict Samuels to chat about “Secret City”! “Secret City” premieres June 5 at 8:30pm on Showcase.

INSIDER: There’s a lot of expectation about the series and the books that it is based on.

ANNA: Secret City is inspired by the books. There was a big push to emphasis the thriller element from the books, which were a lot lighter in tone.

Steve Lewis is a really respected journalist as well.

MARCUS: He carries a lot of clout too. There was one point where he got in touch with a representative from ASIO and opened a few doors that were rare to enter through. It was quite extraordinary.

ANNA: We did all those scenes in the Prime Minister’s courtyard too.

INSIDER: How does that feel as an actor to be able to access these kinds of places?

MARCUS: Wherever you go you’re with a film crew that kind of take over. But actually in Parliament House, that didn’t really happen. I think everyone was kind of enamoured by the place. Everyone was really polite and quiet. And perhaps feeling like they were being watched all the time.

ANNA: We were. You couldn’t even go to the bathroom without somebody with you.

MARCUS: Just seeing some of these politicians going about their daily business was really interesting. Filming outside of what was then Tony Abbott’s office where those flags are, was a mixture of strangeness, which was really interesting.

ANNA: Getting an insight into the members of the press that actually work at Parliament House and the fact that they can run straight from a media conference to their office was really fascinating. Going from this order of calm at the conference to this chaos in the office of people running around saying, “I’ve just got this!’

INSIDER: Foxtel is establishing a name for hard-hitting, great dramas. What will differentiate this show from others that are out there?

BENEDICT: The style and drama that has been delivered has established a great drive in this series. It’s been a great cast to work with and collaborated with telling a story in an area that hasn’t really been broached before and the way in which it is shot too is a token of the quality that the show has set out to achieve, which makes it stand out too.

Source: Foxtel

Anna Torv Audiobooks


Foxtel’s Premium Entertainment division has released a full trailer for Anna Torv’s upcoming six-part miniseries “Secret City”! No release date has been announced but Foxtel’s program guide lists Secret City with a May/June premiere.

Update: Foxtel has requested that the trailer not be distributed on the Web.

Source: Premium Entertainment


Anna Torv fans, as our site approaches its one year anniversary we want to thank you for all your support! The Fringe community crossed the line in 2013 and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see its legacy live on through Anna Torv as she boards David Fincher’s upcoming Mindhunter series for 2017! As we move into a new season, we have revamped and have transitioned to a brand new gallery for all your Anna needs! Here’s to 2016! And don’t forget to join us on Twitter for immediate updates on Anna!

Holt McCallany Interview


Holt McCallany was on the “Rutten and Ranallo” podcast as their first in-studio guest to discuss being cast as the lead in David Fincher’s upcoming Netflix series Mindhunter! The show begins production on May 2, 2016 and releases in 2017.  Jump to the 53:50 and 01:31:40 mark for some juicy details about Mindhunter and Anna Torv!  Interview highlights below:

■ David Fincher envisions 5 seasons.
■ Each episode has 15 shooting days. Filming begins May 2nd in Pittsburgh and wraps at the end of the year.
■ Mindhunter is based on the novel ‘Mind Hunter’ by John Douglas and explores the birth of criminal profiling.
■ Holt McCallany and Jonathan Groff play the two lead FBI agents. McCallany’s character, Bill Tench, is based off real life FBI agent Robert Ressler.
■ The storyline begins in 1978 and will span a 20 year timeperiod.
■ Charlize Theron was originally considered for the lead female role but the part ended up going to Anna Torv.
■ Anna Torv’s character Wendy is based off of the real life psychologist Dr. Ann Wolbert Burgess.
■ McCallany notes that Anna is “very beautiful, very talented” and states that her role is “a very good part”. He hints that she may undergo some psychological issues due to her work.