Month: June 2016

2009 Video Gallery Update

We have added five videos featuring Anna Torv on the red carpet to our 61st Primetime Emmy Awards video gallery.

Secret Acts

Anna Torv sizzles in the June issue of Foxtel Magazine!

Not many television projects have enough pulling power to lure two accomplished actresses from Hollywood back to Australia. But, for Jacki Weaver and Anna Torv the hook of working on new politicial thriller, Secret City, had the pair jumping on a plane and back to their home turf. For Weaver, who has played her share of intelligent women, it’s the more complex characters that appeal most. Secret City’s workaholic senator, Catriona Bailey, immediately sparked her interest.

“She is very complicated, which I love because real people are full of contradictions, and she’s very powerful being the attorney-general,” she says. (more…)

Secret City Season 2

It looks like Secret City may be getting a Season 2!   There has been no official confirmation from Foxtel or Showcase but The Daily Telegraph is reporting that the next season has already been ordered.  Between this and Mindhunter, it looks like we’re going to be seeing lots of Anna Torv on our screens in the near future!

It [Top of the Lake: China Girl] joins the political thriller Secret City, already slated for a second season, as well as The Kettering Incident, starring Elizabeth Debicki, and prison drama Wentworth, which has been sold to 40 countries.

Source: The Daily Telegraph



Anna Torv has a cover and feature article in the June 11 issue of Gold Coast Bulletin!


The best thing about home is that it’s where nobody knows her name. While she’s been billed as the new Cate Blanchett, found immediate fame in US dramas like Fringe and is receiving rave reviews for new Foxtel drama Secret City, Anna Torv is an all but unknown quantity in her Gold Coast hometown.

Perhaps because, like the chameleon characters she portrays, the Benowa-born beauty just blends right in.

“You can take the girl out of the Gold Coast…” she laughs.

“I graduated from Benowa State High in 1996 and I still feel like a Goldie girl at heart. My mum still lives in Benowa, my brother just moved back and I still have heaps of friends there. (more…)

Sunday Life Magazine

Anna Torv was featured in a new fashion shoot for Sunday Life Magazine! The shoot was done just two weeks ago in Los Angeles. Check out the full HQ shoot in our gallery!

The Secret Life of Anna Torv

Jenny Cooney Carrillo of The Daily Life sits down with Anna for an exclusive interview –

In any upscale restaurant around Los Angeles, you can’t throw a stone without hitting a celebrity, even if most of them are hidden in the back corner. But not only does Australian actor Anna Torv choose a sunlit front patio table at popular hotspot Goldie’s for our interview, her accent prompts a gushing reaction from our over-the-top waiter. “We have an Australian actress who comes in here all the time, but I can’t remember her name!” he brags.

Torv has agreed to meet me for lunch at the hip restaurant owned by the trio of Aussies who are also behind the West Hollywood favourite Eveleigh, and she’s excited to talk about her starring role in the new Foxtel series, Secret City. But she’s far too modest to play the “Don’t you know who I am?” game and just smiles with polite curiosity as the waiter hurries off to figure out whose name he should be dropping.

With the kind of ethereal beauty and talent that have earned her comparisons with fellow NIDA graduate Cate Blanchett, Torv is so far best known for her long-running role as FBI agent Olivia Dunham on the Fox sci-fi drama Fringe, which ended in 2013. Yet as we sit at a street-facing table that flanks a verdant living wall of plants, Torv insists fame was never a priority.

“Sometimes I still get recognised,” she says with a tinge of embarrassment. “It used to happen the day after the show had aired and somebody would be really excited to see me, but now it’s maybe just the occasional double-take.”

Surrounded by a pretentious LA crowd clutching designer handbags, the down-to-earth Torv stands out in a well-worn denim shirt and jeans and no jewellery. Her hair is pulled back off her face in a ponytail to reveal green eyes and pale, luminous skin without make-up. She confides that doing publicity has never been easy for her.

“I’m terrible at it,” she says, as we talk about the new generation of social-media-savvy, camera-ready actors with a shameless approach to self-promotion. “I just wish I was better at it, honestly, because sometimes I think I miss out on things that would be fun because I’m so uncomfortable.”


[You can read the full interview HERE]


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